Flavoursome sweet potato & red lentil hummus 🍠

Flavoursome sweet potato and red lentil hummus, garnished with a lashing of fragrant chilli infused oil, earthy sesame seeds and savoury, crispy, crunchy red onions.

Hummus but designer!

(Cooking Time: 1hr 30 mins)



  • One cup of Organic raw sesame seeds
  • Olive oil
  • 1/2 a teaspoon of sea salt

(Hummus base)

  • Three medium-sized sweet potatoes
  • 200g red lentils
  • One large garlic clove

(Hummus seasoning)

  • One teaspoon Ketchup
  • One teaspoon Mustard
  • One teaspoon Curry powder
  • One teaspoon Paprika
  • One teaspoon Sea salt
  • Juice of half a large lemon

(Hummus garnish)

  • Chilli infused oil
  • One large red onion
  • Sesame seeds (black & white)
  • Paprika
  • Corriander (optional)



  1. Firstly, wash and bake the sweet potato in the oven at medium temperature, until soft and syrupy.
  2. While the sweet potatoes are cooking, prepare the homemade tahini, by gently roasting sesame seeds on low to medium heat, for 2 minutes max.DDD18EFF-4902-429A-B313-0FCFC0AC45D2 2
  3. Let the sesame seeds cool for 10 minutes, then pulse them in a blender until it turns to fine crumbs.
  4. Slowly, add tablespoons of olive oil to the sesame seed crumbs and blend till it becomes a smooth sesame seed paste. 07D77279-287A-4B26-A2DB-5C2F981534DD 2
  5. Add some sea salt and mix. Then pack the tahini in a small jar for future use.
  6. After, boil some red lentils in hot water, with one clove of garlic (pricked with a knife).
  7. Constantly stir and mash the red lentils until it becomes a thick, grainy, dry paste and let it cool to one side.
  8. Once the sweet potatoes have fully cooked, leave it to cool.
  9. Blend the sweet potatoes to a soft, thick puree.
  10. And add the sweet potato puree bit by bit to the lentils. Mix it in thoroughly.
  11. Add some tahini, sea salt, paprika, curry powder, lemon juice, ketchup and mustard, then mix thoroughly.
  12. Thinly slice a red onion and deep fry till brown and crispy, leave it to cool and add half into the hummus. And use the remaining as a garnish with, the sesame seeds, coriander, chilli oil, and paprika.

And it’s complete!

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This hummus is best served cold, and you can eat it with carrot, red pepper or celery sticks, chips, tortilla chips, bread. You name it! It even tastes good with really spicy Jollof rice!

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